Macadamias - Some Recipes & Nutritional Info

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Nutritional Information

Macadamias have a high oil content but the oil consists mainly of mono-unsaturated fats and contains no cholesterol. American and Italian studies have shown that diets with low saturated fats and comparatively high mono-unsaturated fats can help lower blood cholesterol, which is linked with some heart diseases. This type of diet is often refered to the ‘Mederenian Diet’, and Macadamias fit well within it’s bounds if consumed in moderation.

The Australian Nutrition Foundation have placed Macadamias in the ‘foods for moderate consumption’ section of their Healthy Diet Pyramid.

Basic Composition (per 100g) 
Oil  75.0g  12% Saturated Fatty Acids 
84% Mono-unsaturated Fatty Acids 
4% Poly-unsaturated Fatty Acids 
Protein  9.0g   
Carbohydrate  9.3g   
Moisture  1.5g   
Fibre  2.0g   
Energy  2960 KJ  (725 cal) 
Minerals and Vitamins (per 100g) 
Calcium  48mg  5% RDI (= recommended daily intake) 
Phosphorous  200mg  20% RDI 
Potassium  260mg  65% RDI 
Magnesium  150mg  50% RDI 
Iron  2mg  25% RDI 
Thiamin  0.2mg  10% RDI 
Riboflavin  0.1mg  6% RDI 
Niacin  1.6mg  10% RDI 

Source: AMS news bulletin Vol 18, No 3, 1991.

Recent Recipes

For all of these recipes, make sure that sure that you use kernels that have been dried to the point where they are crisp and crunchy. If you are using home grown macadamias make sure you use dry kernels as explained here. Nuts from the supermarket should be already dried.

Recipe - Roasting and Salting at home

Roasting and salting raw kernels at home is easy.

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