Variety - Hidden Valley A268

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A268 is a medium spreading tree. Medium density. Mid season fall. Precocious. Performing well over a wide area from Bundaberg to Stuarts Point in NSW. Appears to be hardy and may do well in cool regions but there is no information at this stage regarding frost tolerance., which of course also depends upon the rootstock.

Royalty Status Grower contract, royalties due
Early Yield/Ha Precocious
Later Yield Heavy
Kern Recovery 35 - 40%
Whole Kernels 50 - 55%
Kernel Wt 3.0 - 4.0g
First Grade 95 - 100%
Flower Season Mid Season
Harvest Season Mid Season
Tree Size Large
Husk Spot Susceptable
Sticktights Low
Ethrel Response Good response
AVG Partially Tolerant
Pollenisers Unknown


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Some data and images courtesy of DAFF Qld. Data is compiled to best of our knowledge at the time of publication but errors are possible. Data presented is not a guarantee of performance in future orchards; real world performance is highly dependent on the combination of genetics, environment and management. Interpretation of the data presented and resulting decisions are entirely the grower's responsiblity.