Variety - Hidden Valley A203

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A203 was selected in 1984.

It is a semi upright variety, the kernel recovery a little low by our standards at 34.43%. However it is more tolerant to Husk Spot than A268 but less than A4. It bears very heavy crop and is precocious. Medium density. Even medium sized nuts which drop mid season. It is hardy and may suit marginal areas. Until this year we rated it above A268, however A268 seems to be producing very heavy crop over a much wider area than A203 and has a higher kernel recovery. We now rate A268 above A203.

Royalty Status Grower contract, royalties due
Early Yield/Ha Very Precocious
Later Yield Heavy
Kern Recovery 33 - 37%
Whole Kernels 40 - 50%
Kernel Wt 3.0 - 3.5g
First Grade 99 - 100%
Flower Season Late Season
Harvest Season Mid Season
Tree Size Medium
Husk Spot Partially Tolerant
Sticktights Low
Ethrel Response Unknown
AVG Partially Tolerant
Pollenisers Unknown


A203 has proved very popular in the Bundaberg region in recent years due to a couple of factors.

While its Kernel Recovery is not very high it is very precocious, typically bearing commercial quantities of nut a year or more before other varieties. Moving first yield and the point of first positive cash flow forward can significantly reduce the peak draw-down on the balance sheet and reduce the risk of an investment as well.

Once it is cropping it tends to be a low hassle variety. Provided nutrition is adequate it will yield consitently and has few agronomic faults.

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